Financial Freedom: Tutorial Level


Financial Freedom will be a multi-part series that will go over what financial freedom is, why I’ve chosen this path for me personally, things I’m doing to achieve financial freedom, and why I’m passionate enough about this to actually try my hand at being a writer and content creator. I’m starting with what I’m calling the tutorial level. I wanted to share what financial freedom actually is, and why and how I’ve learned and created such a passion around it.

Now no one likes the tutorial level of a game, especially if you’ve played the game before and you’re forced to play that level every single playthrough. But it’s essential so you don’t go halfway through a game before you learned something valuable that would have made the experience much easier or quicker. So don’t skip it!

To break down financial freedom into it’s most basic form, it’s the point where you can live passively off of your money indefinitely, or, retirement. For most Americans, they fire from the hip and hope they saved and invested enough to hit financial freedom or retire at age 65. For many people close to me in my formative years, this was their plan, and I had no reason to look further into it or hell even question it.

Then I saw a family member get laid off from a job that they worked hard at for over 30 years and was there since day one of the company. This family member never carried credit card debt and only had car and mortgage payments during all of their adult life, and had even paid off their mortgage many years ago, and this is better than most Americans. According to the article 2018 Credit Card Debt Statistics: Average US Debt, only 39% of cardholders always pay their credit card balances in full each month. Now this person is forced to work for many more years to maybe get to enough.

Realizing this was a smart man who is now having to deal with this problem, I knew my debt problems trying to get through school that I was probably in a terrible spot if I didn’t do something quick. I’ll go more in depth of the rabbit hole I found myself falling into in future posts, but when I came across The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement, and websites like ChooseFI and BiggerPockets. I thought there had to be some catch, there was no way that retirement could be this easy, and that I could achieve this while I’m still in my 30s. But if anyone knows anything about math, 1+1 always equals 2, and these numbers on early retirement were not lying.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share the steps I’ve taken, steps I’m currently taking, and the steps I plan to take. I want you to read these posts, watch my videos, and tune into my streams and think, “if this idiot can retire in his 30s, so can I.” I’m goofy, I play video games I work in a bicycle shop. I’m not a doctor bringing in six figures every year. I want to show you that this is easy and this can be done by anyone who lives a little more intentionally.

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