Next Best Thing To Owning A Time Machine


I’m currently working on this blog post as I’m sitting in the airport queue to pick up my next rideshare passenger. I’ve set a lot of lofty goals for myself this year, and add in spending time with family, friends, and loved ones, suddenly I realize that I’m running low on time to achieve those goals. One of those goals is to maintain a savings rate of 50% this year, and that means putting in some miles on the Uber* and Lyft* apps. I’ve also committed to working on this blog, and after missing a few weeks, I realize that I’m going to have to get smarter and more efficient with my time if I’m going to check off all of my goals.

So, right now I make around minimum wage after all expenses driving for Uber* and Lyft* (detailed article coming soon) on average. It’s enough extra income to keep me going back on once or twice a week. One of my favorite routes to do in Dallas is the airport route, typically because the rides pay more for being a longer┬ádistance, and youre way less likely to end up with a horror story you hear from working the bar scene (this isn’t 100% mind you). The downside to this is waiting in the airport queue (first in, first out for rideshare drivers) and this can result in waiting for 5-10 minutes (a chance to use the restroom and stretch your legs) or 30-60 minutes (well at least I’m getting caught up on my podcasts). You don’t always have a good idea of which one you’re going to get until you’re already on the airport property. It still averages out to around minimum wage, but the wait can be discouraging!

So, after missing a few weeks of posts on here, I tried to look for free time during my week that I was not utilizing. Finally, on one of those extra long waits, I pulled out my phone and began writing on this post right here! Thankfully the rides started coming more frequently so, by the time I finished the last paragraph you read, I was pretty busy for the rest of the night and then heading home. By the time I started this paragraph, I was a little more prepared and brought my laptop with me for more efficiency.

Now, one thing that is not perfect about this is when I have to stop for an hour to do a ride, it takes me a few minutes to get set back up and to find my groove again once I’m sitting back in the queue. But the pros so far seem to be outweighing the cons. Most importantly, I’m using the time I would otherwise be sitting doing nothing (though I would always try to put on a podcast or audiobook before) to now achieve two primary goals that I have for this year. The wait time also flies by now, so my eight-hour rideshare adventures are done before I know it.

I’m going to explore finding where else I can optimize my time and I’m now going to start looking in unusual places. Who knows where else I have time that I’m not utilizing that could better be put to use, or time like this where I can double down on my work.

If you’re interested in driving for Uber or Lyft, please feel free to message me if you have questions before my more in-depth post coming up in a few weeks, and if you decide to sign up, please use my referral codes below!

Uber – jamesk37318ui
Lyft – KRAHULA59020

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