Try Something New Already


Finally, after six long years, there is a new PC in the 4 Percent Gamer arsenal after my previous one just ran past its useful life. This build was also my first build from start to finish. Come to find out, building a PC from the ground up is simultaneously crazy easy and crazy difficult (Tyler, I owe you many more Twitch subs for all your help and troubleshooting). This experience was easily one of the more frustrating projects I’ve undertaken, but finally after a week of frustration, finally getting it all resolved and doing my first stream on the new PC, it’s one of the most satisfying projects I’ve attempted.

So, why am I talking about my gaming stuff on Monday? Monday is about financial kickassery, life hacks, etc. Well, because now I have a skill that will save me money in the future, or heck, even help me make money. I can already promise you that the next computer I build will take me a fraction of the time that this one did. If something goes wrong with this computer, I’m much more knowledgeable about fixing that one part and saving time and money taking it to someone else to diagnose the problem. Maybe in the future, I will be able to make content about the topic and help others make their first leap into building a computer themselves. Heck on a more personal level, I know my nephews are going to be getting a PC shortly so they can continue to kick my butt at Fortnite, and I’ll be able to help them build their first PC at a young age and pass some of my new knowledge to them.

If you have a passion for something or have a curiosity for something you don’t know a lot about, well learn about it and jump in and do it already! I went on an emotional roller coaster this week dealing with the frustration of trying to figure out problems and the satisfaction of figuring it out (or Tyler helping me figure it out, I ran into some bizarre issues, but hey, only one was caused by me). No matter what new skill or talent you plan on learning, I can promise you it’s probably going to be frustrating at times. That’s good, that frustration is called learning, and it’s one the most valuable part. If this PC build went smoothly with no issues, I would not have learned nearly as much.

So for those that like New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to find something you want to learn, get a little frustrated, and gain some knowledge!

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