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The new computer parts are on the way to 4 Percent Gamer headquarters as we speak. After six long years of service, it is finally time to retire my current computer and the one that got me back into gaming. I would love to hang onto it for longer, but it really should have gone away a year or two ago. Now it’s preventing me from running games and programs that are important not only for the success of this website but also for outside adventures as well. So after squeezing every last drop of usefulness out of it, it’s time to say goodbye. This goodbye would be more difficult if the new build were not as excellent as it is! Look for the new computer to be completed sometime after Christmas.

The Pokemon Leaf Green No Start Nuzlocke kicked off episode two last Friday, and we are excited to say that Carl is alive and well. He might also be lurking in the Twitch chat from here on out, so if you are a subscriber, be sure to type !carl next time you stop by! You can check out the episode below.

Finally, the 2019 Lionheart IndyCar Series comes to a close tonight at the virtual Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California for the Grey Matters 300. With a solid 6th place at Road America last week, we have a chance to sneak our way into the Top 5 in the final standings thanks with the help of double points for the final event. Please tune in and check out the finale below, or tune in to watch my stream at 8:30 pm CST on twitch.tv/4percentgamer.

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